about me


My name is Natasha Ramachandran. Probably the last place on earth if you were to guess – but I was born in Dundee, Scotland.  I am a proud Mauritian but an even prouder Brit! I have been living in London since the age of 5 and it remains the closest city to my heart.  To add to the cocktail, I am married to a British Tamil man -Roy, who I love to the moon and back. We have two beautiful children, a son – Reeyan and a daughter Leela.

Before being faced with a job of bringing up a young family, I was studying for my PhD in Psychology.  I’ve had my fair share of career blunders as prior to this, I completed my Bachelors degree in Psychology at the University of Westminster at the not-so-young age of 28.  It took me a  while to discover that I’ve always been quite analytical, with a keen interest in research – better late than never!

Hobbies, what hobbies?! I have two under twos! Well, amazingly there are a few. With the support of my parents, I am able to attend the local gym. I have always been a lover of fitness but more so after having Leela (which was only 4 months ago!) I enjoy reading recipes, yes ‘reading’ as I find actually making the dish quite a chore, I collect them in the hope of rustling up something fancy for future dinners (never seems to happen).  On that note, I wouldn’t like to call myself a ‘foodie’ as I believe, to be a true foodie, means that you have to have a true interest in cooking. I love to eat food, preferably food that’s cooked for me! I have however, taken an interest in gluten free living (tried it for a while, don’t like it anymore!) and I do venture into preparing the odd recipe (taken from the odd fellow blogger).


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