Nappies, Muslin Cloths and Literature Searches

Wow, and year has passed…..
As well as keeping up with work deadlines, the house hasn’t fallen to pieces and the children are as happy as ever. It has been a testing academic year and I look forward to finishing my writing in the next few years! I have even managed to take a strong hold on my health – things really do get better with time 🙂


This is mylast week at home. It is the end of an era, my time as ‘full time mum’ has come to an end and I am now looking forward to being a ‘part time working mum of two’. I cannot tell you how excited I am. A lot has happened this last month, health and parenting-wise. I have realised that part of my recent anxiety lies with the simple notion that I won’t be with my children a few days a week. I am known to over-exaggerate and perhaps this sounds like just that to some, but I can’t explain how big a deal this is to me….

I have formed a huge attachment with my first, who recently turned two and not forgetting my 10 month old baby girl. All I have done since 2014 is take care of their every need. I have been their ‘constant’ and…

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