Oh Hello Again!

Would you believe, it has been a whole 7 months since my last blog. In all honesty losing my best friend in February took the wind out of my sails. Life has been a little harder. (Please visit the ‘jelly tots’ page of this blog or click this link if you wish to make a donation)

I stand now fully appreciating life in general but particularly the encounters of being a working mum. As the kids have gotten older the challenges have taken a linear increase! Reeyan is now a forever talking three year old and Leela (our teenager trapped in a toddler’s body) will soon be two in November. I cannot be more grateful for them. They have been my source of inspiration to get fitter and eat healthily, as well as keep my forever wondering mind focussed on completing my PhD – which I have you know, is currently the sun to my Icarus and I’m trying my hardest not to get burnt!

Mums will agree that there is an astounding amount of circus tricks we need to do – predominantly juggling of all sorts. Whether it is maintaining household chores, keeping up with work deadlines or simply ensuring the children have enough cognitive stimulation so they don’t resort to beating each other up – out of sheer boredom. On that note, I find it incredibly shocking how instinctive our sibling rivalry is – I mean they literally slap each other in the face, pinch and pull hair, it is disgusting! However just like any loving relationship – they can’t live without each other. If one is out of sight, the other would not rest until their location is known.

Reeyan and Leela are now often mistaken for twins, he’s really tiny and she’s really chunky and well – they’re nearly the same height. I often find myself watching them play together and drifting into thought about how quickly time is passing. I’ve blinked and a year has gone. Reeyan is now able to vocalise his wants and not-wants and Leela can too! I’m surrounded by people screaming their demands and as much as I have my own – theirs, simply comes first.

I have managed to take my health into my own hands. This was something that I struggled to do after having Leela, but I put that down to postnatal challenges. I now exercise five days a week, either at home or at the gym and I have taken the drastic measure of reducing my gluten intake. The results are fabulous, if I say so myself. I have not stepped on to the scales to measure weight changes, but my clothes are looser, I’m not feeling bloated or irritated anymore. I am starting to like my ‘mummy-bod’. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always room for improvement but I have taken that first step in achieving physical and mental contentment. This also means drinking wine and scotch! Funny enough champagne has taken a backseat – I still love it, but now I drink it when I’m with my fellow ladies, it adds that bubbly sparkle to any afternoon/evening out. So health-wise these months have done me good.

The dear man in my life consistently listens to my battles. He was my rock when I lost my best friend and he has not failed to encourage me to keep speaking to him about her and any other troubles I have. He continues to be an incredible dad, putting the happiness of his family before his own and without him, I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on achieving this incredibly difficult task of PhD. So, Mr R, although I often tell you in person, if you’re reading – thank you and I love you x

This blog gives me the opportunity of reflection. As well as being a great form of self-help for me, I hope it gives some encouragement to those who also have energetic little people causing mayhem and are in similar circumstances of juggling life.

Thank you for reading!

Tasharama x



28th May 2016: Another Year Loved….

Today is my birthday and it’s time to truly reflect and be thankful. For those wanting a soppy read here goes….

As much as I truly like to focus on the present, I love looking back at the past. I see my childhood, my teens and my early twenties. I see hard times and unforgettably great times. I see love and heartbreak. Of course it is all these memories that makes me who I am today.

I am the first born and having a first born, I now understand all the hype that goes with it. I am blessed. Born to Mauritian parents who (I hope they don’t mind me saying) are complete polar opposites – but hey, we know that works! Like all parents, they have always strived to put their children first. They are both grafters, where nothing has come easy in life, yet, as a family unit – happiness has never left us. Sure, there were hard times, there have been and still is illness, but, we have overcome the worst and that is something I will never forget. As a child, I was always made to feel special and given the opportunity to have a voice in whatever the situation. I have spent a lot of time with my hero – my dad, who has taught me to be confident and thoughtful. I have learnt that, no matter what you are faced with, you make the best out of the situation. Keep smiling and the world smiles with you. My mum has inspired me to be an independent woman, to persevere with a career and to work hard. She is also a traditionalist, who continuously reminds me to ensure my husband is well looked after. But, that’s something I don’t need reminding about…

Roysan Ramachandran was the first to give me butterflies in my stomach. It was Fresher’s week and there was an event at the Ministry of Sound in Elephant and Castle. He had the worst chat up line – ever! It was so weird that he made me laugh and he immediately had my attention. After a few exchanges of conversation, each filled with laughter, we met again at another event – Fuse at Kings College London. This time, he insisted that I danced with him, so I did and we finally exchanged numbers. Unlike the others that I had stumbled across in my late teens, he kept me on my toes. I could never (and still can’t) predict his next move but each one consists of an abundance of love. He is certainly different. He won my parents over very quickly and that’s because of his soft nature and kind heart and well I…I was besotted. 


We were married after five whole years together. Looking back, the wedding was so over the top, but rightly so. Roy is an only child and I’m the first daughter in the family to be wed. We had a civil ceremony in the UK, where we invited probably half of Sri Lanka and the religious ceremony in Mauritius, again where probably half the country attended. Both events were grand. We went all out. The wedding in Mauritius was even more memorable as our close friends flew out. They joined us for two weeks, where they were introduced to the nuttiest of family members and not forgetting of course; Mauritian rum.


Returning to the UK as newlyweds, Roy insisted moving straight to the flat to start our lives together. Traditionally a new bride would go to her in-laws first (even though I never said it) – he knew that wasn’t what I wanted. I understood then, even after five years of being with him, that he would always put me first. And so he has. Thirteen years later, he does the same thing. Now, with our own little fan club, he puts us all before himself. He is the most selfless person I know and I love him dearly.

32 years on this earth and I am incredibly thankful. I am honoured to be surrounded by so much love. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would have a mini ‘Roy and Tash’. Life has never been so exciting and I thoroughly look forward to the years ahead.

Thank you to all, who are always there, you know who you are….

“I will live for today and be thankful for a tomorrow”

Tasharama x