Euston, we have no problem….

I journeyed into London recently to meet with colleagues to discuss the future of whatever career I have left. I won’t dwell on that for now, but what I do want to share is simply the experience of my trip into the city and the memories it brought back.

I dropped the kids with their grandparents and headed off to Wembley Central station. In previous years, climbing the stairs behind Iceland and now the Tesco Metro, was something that I would dread, I would be met with vile smells of urine left from the drunken squalor the night before. It isn’t as daunting anymore, don’t get me wrong, the area is still grimy but at least you can breathe through your nose whilst walking towards the station. I made my way to the ticket barriers and it’s the little things like touching in with your debit card that threw me off. I went to top it up my Oyster card and remembered I didn’t need to. I thought, ‘Where had I been during all this change? And ‘What else have I missed?’ Continue reading “Euston, we have no problem….”