The Second

Every baby is different

….and boy don’t we know it,

Reeyan hated daytime sleep. He would be awake for pretty much most of the day, which meant I had none. He would often cry, for no reason. I was quite nervous taking him out on my own. I felt the pressure of being judged if he was to kick off in public. Part of that anxiety was down to an overactive thyroid (but that’s a whole different blog!)

I finally got into the swing of being a mum when Reeyan was around 4 months old. Nighttime sleep and naps were a little better after introducing him to rusks and baby porridge. He started to develop his own little personality and loved to giggle. I was coping, I had trimmed down to my post-pregnancy weight and my self-confidence was on the rise.

March was an interesting month in 2015. I went from feeling quite good to overly exhausted in a space of a few weeks. I thought it was my thyroid function that was to blame, but no, I had these feelings before. I tried to ignore them but they persisted. It was only until our cat Bobbin insisted on curling up on my tummy (which he’s only done once before), I realised – ‘I need to take a pregnancy test’. Carrying Reeyan in a sling, we went for a walk to the good old Sainsburys down the road.

‘WTF?’ Instantly sick at the result. ‘A few weeks pregnant, there must be some mistake’.  Roy was at work, it was just Reeyan and I at home and no-one to tell. Roy took his sweet time to get back from work that night. When he did, he proceeded with his routine of walking straight to the kitchen and opening the fridge. Speaking about our day, I didn’t want to rush telling him the news. I thought, let him wash and change, besides he needed to be sitting for what I was about to tell him.

“What’s this?” He looked over.  I managed to hide the pregnancy test itself, but the wrapper was popping out of the bin! He continued “NO! You’re pregnant?” I didn’t say a word and just nodded. He was so happy as he kissed and cuddled me. I couldn’t believe his reaction. I had his reassurance that everything was going to be ok which would’ve been enough in other circumstances. For some reason, I wasn’t convinced. I was still getting over the craziness of Reeyan’s birth and I feared the worse. It took me a long time to come to terms with being pregnant again and when I did, I knew one thing for sure – we needed more space.

We loved our flat, it was our first home as a married couple, we had our fair share of house parties. But it was no place for a family of four. It was a top floor flat, and being heavily pregnant, bringing up a tiny Reeyan was even harder with steeping stairs. And so we started house hunting. As first time buyers, the commotion involved in moving is horrible. I totally understand why it is listed as one of the most stressful life event. We had our offer accepted in April and it took us a whopping five months to officially move. I was eight months pregnant and if you add on post Reeyan weight – I resembled a whale. Reeyan’s first and only birthday as an only child, was celebrated in our new house as well combining the celebration with a house warming and baby shower! There was plenty of cake, presents and a whole lot of love.

Reeyan’s first birthday

The months flew past and November 2015 was here. This time, the hospital bag was unfortunately stolen from our unlocked car in our driveway – what sicko does that?! He or she would’ve found a bag of maternity pads and newborn clothes! So the hospital bag was loosely put together in a hurried attempt but we managed to pack everything in preparation for the day.

The 4th of November 2015, our princess Leela Pari was born. From the moment we entered the maternity ward at UCLH to the time we left -everything went smoothly.

I am a preacher of the elective C-section as well as bottle feeding. For those who haven’t noticed – I like control, but more importantly I like calmness. Speaking of calm, Leela Pari is the quintessence of calm (as long as she has a clean nappy and a full tummy).  She will quite happily entertain herself, she loves milk and the best part is that she is a lover of sleep. She is a totally different baby, a concept that I found hard to imagine. There is a term my parents used to describe her. As Hindus, we believe in a number of gods but Lakshmi is the god of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Leela Pari is our Lakshmi, our beautiful fairy, and our greatest gift.

Our fairy, Leela Pari